(CON) = Conference Activity (Badge Required)
(ECC) = Ecliptical Curve Cruise (Badge Required [not transferable], additional tickets available for sale)

THURSDAY 26 Schedule for FC98
  Beach/Cruise day 

No other FC98 activity scheduled, except breakfast and lunch at InterIsland Hotel 
for those who don't take the eclipse cruise.

800 -- 830 (ECC) (CON) Boarding: Ecliptic Curve Cruise (ECC) Sponsored by: 
RSA, C2NET, Sicherheit und Privat- International Bank,  
Hansa Bank, Offshore Information Services, Shipwright/e$
825 - *SHARP!*  
ECC "Before" Group Photo (Net.Nyms Disguised)
830 - *SHARP!*  
Ecliptic Curve Cruise Departs For the Ecliptic Curve and the Zone of Totality
900 -- 1030 (CON) Breakfast at InterIsland Hotel, Anguilla
1230 -- 1330 (CON) Lunch at InterIsland Hotel, Anguilla
1435?  Maximum Partial Eclipse - Anguilla
1436 (ECC) (CON) ECC now at 16.57N, 62.15W (2 minutes totality line, 9 miles north of Montserrat) 
Total Eclipse of the Sun -  "diamond ring", stars, and all . . .
2030 (ECC) (CON) Ecliptic Cryptography Cruise Returns to Anguilla 
ECC "After" Group Photo (Net.Nyms Disguised) 
Dinner at Ripples Restraurant, Sandy Ground

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