(CON) = Conference Activity (Badge Required)
(CE) = Commercial Exhibition Activity (Open to the Public)

FRIDAY 27 Schedule for FC98
1000 -- 1030 (CON) Breakfast
1030 -- 1230 (CE) Roundtable Discussion: 

Financial Intermediaries, Public Networks, and Financial Cryptography

Steve Schear, First Ecache, moderator 
Paul Guthrie, VISA International 
A. S. von Bernhardi, Sicherheit und Privat- International Bank 
Lynwood Bell, Hansa Bank 
Frank Trotter, Mercantile Bank/Mark Twain Ecash 
Other Financial Intermediaries, TBA
1230 -- 1330 (CON) Lunch
1330 -- 1430 (CE) Roundtable Discussion

The Regulation of Financial Cryptography

Duncan Frissell, Frissell Associates, moderator 
Kevin Manson, US Dept of Treasury, Financial Fraud Institute 
A. S. von Bernhardi, Sicherheit und Privat- International Bank 
Other Regulators, Lawyers, TBA
1430 -- 1655 (CE) Financial Cryptography Showcase Certserver Banking Applications --- Dave del Torto/Dr. Jon Callas, PGP 
SET Processing Engine --- Dr. Nicko van Someren, ncipher 
TBA --- Ian Grigg/Gary Howland, Systemics 
Other FC Products --- TBA
1655 -- 1700 (CE) FC98 Commercial Exhibition Closing 
Minor Exhausted Hoopla 
Commercial Exhibition Survivors Group Photo (Net.Nyms Disguised)
1830 -- ? 2nd meeting, Anguilla Dining Cryptographers' Society (at The Overlook)  
Partially sponsored by C2NET

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